Associates’ comments

“He has been a crucial member in my research team and has made most valuable contribution in terms of theoretical elaboration, data gathering and analysis, and software management. […] He is also such a nice person to be around. I consider him a good friend and an excellent colleague.”

“I deeply thank Marc Tang, my officemate, for the great discussions we had on the connections between linguistics and mathematics.”

“Marc was enrolled in four of my classes […]. He was always a top 1% student in the classes; His oral presentations were excellently delivered, and his term projects were very carefully done.”

“Thanks again, dear Marc. You are a real treasure !”

“I would like to note in particular such traits as his congeniality, devotion, and patience. I have always noticed that Marc is well-liked by his classmates and teachers.”

“Thank you very much for your prompt reaction – excellent. I knew I could rely on you!”

“Thank you so much for this detailed, and constructive review, and thank you also for submitting it so quickly! I appreciate your contribution.”